shoe design + manufacturing + marketing

With experience launching over 8 different shoes through his brand PinkPill, Vitamin B is now partnering with other small businesses / brands to partner with on collaboration shoes. From design to marketing your new product, Vitamin B will work as a partner with you through your shoe launch journey.

The goal is to not only create a unique product but for this shoe to be an income producing asset for both parties involved in the collab. Part of this package includes your shoe design being listed on with any profits made being split 50/50 between you & PinkPill.

50+ shoe bases to choose from

Vitamin B is the official partner of helping small businesses and brands launch their own unique shoe. There are over 50 different types of shoes you can choose as your base shoe! Once you've chosen which shoe you want to use Vitamin B will work with you to create a unique design that fits your brand!

Ultimately the decision on final shoe design is up to you as you are the brand we are representing. Vitamin B is here to direct you through the process and to help you launch a successful product.

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& get started designing your own shoe!


-Includes two pair of custom shoes in PinkPill boxing, one for you and one for Vitamin B

-Full design service from concept art to manufacturing the shoe

-Your shoe will be launched as a collab shoe with PinkPill

-Pick any shoe base from

-Your shoe design will be listed on , all profit from any sold shoes will be equally split 50/50 between you and PinkPill.

-Includes a collab reel with Vitamin B + Your Brand + Pink Pill to launch the shoe

-20 product photos of your shoe are also included